Friday, July 29, 2011


The trend right now is getting scary for me.The thing is we're leaving behind the equality issue now and the in thing amongst the fairer sex is to find some way of wishing they were guys.The brutes that are men have been beaten down in prose and the poetry of song for a while now. Men are now consumate evil and we are the cause of everything bad from polio to the Japanese tsunami and everything between.

The battle has been taken to the airwaves with song after song being chruned out to say how men can't be trusted to tie their own shoe laces let alone be trusted with something as complicated as a relationship.It started with how women "don't need a man" and went on with how they could do anything better than any man. And now the envelope is being pushed further with songs like Ciara's with 'Like a Boy' and Beyonce's contribution 'If I was a Boy'.The songs were both interesting from a listener's point of view but it's even more interesting to see how many girls(sorry young ladies) are latching on to this.

So what's the deal with this?I'm trying to figure this out as a guy coz i simply don't know what the idea is.The question I'm putting to you is which side of the fence is easier?Are girls justified in thinking it's easier or better being being guys?Is peeing while standing that big a deal?

So I tried coming up with reasons for why they would come to this conclusion and came up with the usual suspects detailing their assumptions.May I be forgiven if this comes out as chauvinistic in any way.Pregnancy and periods are basically the first points that come to mind.Those are a given and since they're biological there's not much they can do about it.

Then comes the true implications of the two songs.It's simply about how guys cheat on or hurt girls(excuse me again).So basically it's a case of revenge by a woman scorned whose fury we are supposed to cower from.But does it not seem ironic that their biggest critics would want to become them?It's like a chicken wanting to become an eagle so it can find out how swooping in on chicks (I mean baby chicken not growing girls) feels like.I just don't get why you'd want to be that which you hate the most.

Besides from where we stand ladies seem to get their fair share of easy times.The better looking ones can't deny that their smiles have given them an edge over others at some time in their lives.Please don't take this to mean I don't know of beautiful women who are smart.In fact most of the ladies I know have both looks and brains in spades.Just saying that with both comes an interesting advantage.I'm just saying I've never smiled at a tout so as to get out of paying fare. If I ever did that and succeeded it would kinda freak me out. Well...unless she was a butch tout.

So someone please enlighten me coz i'm yet to see some guy wishing he was a girl.That dude would end up being kicked in the rear end and being labelled very happy(gay for those unititated into the lingua). Or are there guys out there who secretly wish they were women? Who would want to take advantage of the bigger variety of fashion, emotion and perks and craziness tat come along with them.Where's the line and who's drawing it?


  1. really...
    btw, guys who wish they were girls, go ahead and do it.. change thier sex

  2. I think that it's an issue of women feeling like the lesser sex hence their desire to be "like a boy". I don't think there is anything cooler than being a woman. The "pet-peeves" not withstanding.

  3. @ African emarald I'm gonna change mine....
    @ Ijustsaidthat There is nothing better than women.