Saturday, September 22, 2012


Bond. James Bond.

Probably the world's most iconic and most popular introduction. Ian Fleming unleashed a cult classic to the world which has spawned countless hit movies. 50 years. That's how long the super sleuth from MI6 has taken us on a trip around the world cracking codes, foiling terrorist plots, rescuing a bevy of stunning beauties and all this done while being the absolute definition of dapper.

And he is back. 5 years after the release of Quantum of Solace, Heineken brings you the new installment of the franchise. Skyfall 007. The upshot of it is after a botched mission, Bond (Daniel Craig)  is MIA and presumed dead. MI6 head ,M, is also placed under scrutiny after identities of active spies are leaked onto the internet. Bond's reappearance makes for a fast paced movie as he seeks out Raoul Silva who has both him and M in his cross hairs. The trailer promises a fast paced and revealing look at the man beneath the spy as well as his mysterious, and thus aptly named, boss M.

With distribution in over 170 countries, Heineken is easily the world's favourite international beer lager and with a partnership with the Bond franchise that spans 15 years, they are at it again. Here is where premium meets a global presence; qualities shared by both brands. On the 31st of October, the beer giant will sponsor the simultaneous premiere of Skyfall 007 in the East African market i.e Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. In Nairobi, this will be at the IMAX theatre.

And Heineken, known for their fun and exciting events, promises that this will be a premiere like no other in a manner that only they can pull off. The build up to this Skyfall 007 promises to match the excitement, glitz and glamour of a premiere in London, Paris or LA. Heineken's core consumers, who have grown up on this franchise, know James Bond and want to him. Thus they are given the chance to be walk in 007's shoes by unleashing the super spy within us all. The premiere in East Africa not only promises to be the premier of the year but the event of the year.

On the list of events are action stunts from the movie and a spy experience from Heineken dubbed Crack the Case. This is an online experience that begins with a clip of an average guy who is mistaken for James Bond and is thus recruited by the new Bond girl, Severine, to crack the case. He does all this while being chased down by the bad guys. Seeing as he drinks Heineken he's not quite so average which he shows with his fantastic feats. Still stuck on how he makes a replica of the Kremlin using a deck of cards. And here is where you come in to help crack the case. It puts you right in the movie with your pictures thrust into the action.
Don your spy hat and crack the case here via the Facebook page.

Give this great experience a try and join the world in the countdown that leads to what Heineken promises to be East Africa's greatest movie moment yet.

The return of Bond. James Bond.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Before you whip out the pitch forks and other farming impliments associated with angry crowds just hear me out. This is obviously a very unpopular stance to take on this quite heated topic but unlike most Kenyans who view this with tunnel vision, I will offer you a different approach. If at the end of this you don't agree with me then you can stick that pitch fork anywhere you want. Wipe that grin off your face. I didn't mean there.

The pay hike is deserved firstly because it reinforces the 'Robbinghood' mentality that our 210 honourable members swore an oath to perpetrate. This requires them to steal from the poor to feed the greedy. They stood in front of a national audience and read from an oath that we hardly pay attention to. If you remember keenly there were bits where they were whispering. And lastly was the whole 'So help me God'. It's not help us or help them or help that weird guy at the corner who I have to have my bodyguards push away. It's simple. So help ME. If they broke that promise then they would face the wrath of the Big Guy upstairs and no one wants to be struck down by lightning. It's not a good look.

In fact if Robinhood had been in Kenya today, he'd be deemed an enemy to the state. A terrorist. He'd be found dead in his house with a gun planted in his kitten's paw. Either that or he'd be strung upside down and tortured with replays from the president's speeches. The 210 swore to plunder the resources of this nation and little things like complaining Kenyans shouldn't be a problem.We currently hear from the media (which is biased & should be ashamed) that they are amongst the highest paid. And if the Olympics taught us anything, it's that Kenyans just want the gold.