Thursday, March 10, 2011


Dear Brian,

First, quit freaking out. Yes, this is a letter from the future but I can’t explain how. The details might come later. So yeah this is you from the future. Or rather me writing to myself. It’s ten years into the future and if I remember right, you are in class seven and freaking out about the whole puberty thing. Yeah, well the bad news is that ten years later, it’s still pretty much the same. The growth spurt is as good as it gets and then it will all be downhill from there. Point is you’d probably be able to beat me up if we bumped into each other.

No. We don’t have flying cars and mum still calls you ‘Baba’ when she wants to send you on errands. Don’t wince. It might stop in the next 30 years. Moi is no longer the president but no point in celebrating. The country is weirdly worse. Mats are a bit more comfortable and Americans voted in some jang’o dude to become president. No, I’m not kidding. You’ll see. In a lot of ways, the world is the same.

I know you have so many questions to ask but I can’t give you so many answers because you might ruin things. Ten years later, the one friend you are still close to is Ruth. But yeah she might be getting married soon to someone else. Don’t jump! You are happy for her and not in that passive aggressive way.

For some weird reason you got darker but the looks are still……never mind! Oh and you will start dating Valentine in a couple of weeks. She will be a major pain for a couple of days but things will be ok. But just for your sake keep Mutisya away from her. He seems innocent but….Just keep him away from her.

No, you’re not a virgin anymore but I can’t give you details about who or when. Only advice I have for when that happens is that crying is not as manly as those shows make it out to be. Enough said. If you are laughing at me then you should know that it’s your future and my past so I’m over it. Sucks for you.

By twenty three you won’t have become a billionaire but you are pretty close….give or take a billion. But you will have been in the slammer. No, you didn’t kill Frank or Nick but you got to spend some time behind bars. Like I said, I can’t give you details. Suffice to say that after your stint in the slammer, you will acquire a weird phobia for pick ups and city council askaris.

You aren’t married yet but you are seeing someone. Someone special. Girls still confuse you though. Actually they get more confusing with age so enjoy yourself while it lasts. No little Brians walking around the planet so congratulations too on that.

There’s so much I wanna tell you but there are rules I can’t breach. So I will get back to you on the other stuff later. Just so you know, you should spend some more time with dad. Why? Just do it. You will understand that later. Trust me. I’ll be back with more.


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  1. "You should spend more time with your dad"

    I've read alot into that statement given the facts on the ground...If you knew then what you know now, how different would your life be?