Monday, November 10, 2014


In the race to capture viewers the national broadcaster has been falling behind private entities. The dwindling numbers are based on the fact that their main shows were brand new in 1972, and their breaking news usually involves news that's been in the public domain for months.

In an attempt to make up for the shortfall of viewers, KBC is rebranding with a new face to capture the imagination of potential viewers. Under the tag line "Come on guys. Please watch us", the state broadcaster is aggressively marketing itself as the 4th most popular activity to indulge in when you can't watch other channels coming in close after contracting cholera, watching paint dry and kicking MCA's in the crotch.

The rebranding also features a more youthful tone with KBC being ditched in favour of KBX to attract the Xaxa and Xema generation. It will also comes with a bouncy ball reminiscent of children's music shows so that these viewers can keep up with complex words such as "And" and "The". The logo changes to feature a man shrugging as if to say "We don't care if you watch."

The ads feature 20 minute clips where a sad old man walks on screen and proceeds to cry uncontrollably before hugging himself. He then goes on to remember the good old days when KBC was the only thing on Kenyan TV and every news bulletin started with an itinerary of Former President Moi's bowel movements. (Gripping television it was) The ads end with the man walking off screen after pleading with whoever is still watching to stay tuned for 'new' video of Moi being sworn in for the 4,636th time.

Whether or not this will change viewer perceptions is yet to be seen but so far the responses have been positive. In relation to the ads and revamping, Gideon from Kasarani asked why the old man on TV was out to make them so sad. Meanwhile Susan from Runda asked what KBC was and asked us to back off her door while threatening to release her dogs. Whatever the case, the news can only be good for the state broadcaster.

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