Monday, October 22, 2012


Kudos to women empowerment programs! They are reaping big time. Today, more and more women are getting empowered through jobs and self employment too. Those who thought it was an impossible task can now take a back seat and let certified drivers take the agenda home.

On many occasions when I board a matatu to and from work, I found myself an endangered species. I am with at most two other men. The rest are ladies. If my boy was to call me and he starts jokes especially on women stuff, I would not continue the conversation for sure, lest I do not value my life. I certainly do.

I had some conversation with a lady friend of mine who said when she asked her pals, they, men, told her that men are now becoming more self employed. I told her without blinking, that bullshit. It’s a whimsical explanation and holds no water. Men today are becoming hollower by the day including doing traditional functions for themselves or the family.

I walked into an organization for an appointment. I noticed there were more ladies than men. In fact, over the hour I was there, I met no man. After our official conversation, they told me there are two positions up for grabs. They had been vacant for a while. Now it’s about four months down the line. The positions are yet to be filled. All the men who have attended interviews there have not made the cut. They are insisting on having men take them because the gender disparities are just too much.

I take it that something is certainly not right. These two illustrations may not be good. I have many in my head but these two stood out. Many at times the women are referred to as the fairer gender, they probably get more ‘favors’ from time to time. Some may actually sleep their way to jobs or tenders or opportunities in general. It is their choice. Today, it more about putting food on the table than moral imperatives... But there are those who would put morals first and actually have a rough time going up the social and professional ladder.

Many at times today in life it is about being smart than just working hard. Some decide to seek higher education to give them leverage. Others decide to change careers and get something they have a passion for. Others decide to employ themselves. It is about what makes you happy and this is good.

Somewhere along the years the boy could have been neglected. Perhaps he became too big to be handled and was left alone. Somewhere, the girl was given more attention than the boy. And the boy could have decided to rebel. Somewhere, something did not or was not done right.

Positive discrimination does help in giving a certain marginalized component an upper hand to bring it to par. It is what seems to be giving ladies better choices and decisions in life. There should be some checks and balances though to ensure t he one who had an upper hand also does not go to the drain. But choice is what matter most. Where do you place your bet on!!

The onus is on you to decide whether the shift should lead to the opposite imbalance or should be at par when the goals are met. You decide!!

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  1. So maybe we should have affirmative action for men hehehehhe 

  2. It just means not taking completely extreme views and forgetting the balance.